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Even if you love cheese, you’ll definitely want to stay away from a chunk found in a tomb in Egypt. It’s more than 3,200 years old!

Archaeologists found the cheese several years ago in a tomb near Egypt’s capital city, Cairo. The tomb belonged to an official who had been the mayor of a nearby city in the 13th century b.c.

Inside the tomb, researchers found a broken clay jar. It was filled with a hardened white substance. The researchers thought it might be a type of food. Scientists recently spent about a year analyzing a chunk of the mysterious white block.

In July, they announced that it was, in fact, cheese. The discovery is important because it’s the oldest proof that ancient Egyptians made the dairy product.

Enrico Greco is one of the researchers who helped identify the cheese. He says it was made mostly from sheep’s and goat’s milk. But he has no idea how it may have tasted.

“For me, it’s really hard to imagine a specific flavor,” he told the British Broadcasting Corporation.