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I'm a Lion Dancer!

Nine-year-old Rylee Ma is celebrating Chinese New Year in a special way.

Bianca Alexis Photography

Gung hay fat choy! That’s a New Year’s greeting in a Chinese language. On January 25, my family will celebrate the start of Chinese New Year. The holiday, which lasts 15 days, is also called Lunar New Year. It is celebrated in many Asian countries, though some call it by a different name. For example, in Vietnam, the holiday is called Tet.

In a few days, I get to be a lion dancer in a parade in my hometown, New York City. Two people dance together in a lion costume. One person is the head and one is the tail. It takes a lot of practice to work as a team and learn the steps! The dance is supposed to chase away bad luck from last year and bring good luck for the new year.

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