What do astronauts do for fun? Lately, they’ve been playing with slime!

Right now, six astronauts are living in a giant laboratory called the International Space Station (ISS). It's located more than 200 miles above Earth. Astronauts from different countries stay on the ISS for months at a time. They perform experiments that help us learn more about space. 

In July, a spacecraft delivered six pouches of green slime to the ISS. Since then, the astronauts on board have been blowing slime bubbles, playing slime table tennis, and spraying the goo at each other. 

This may sound like a blast. But there’s plenty of science involved too. In space, the pull of gravity is much weaker. That causes objects (and people!) to float. Low gravity also has a strange effect on liquids. Water, for example, separates into tiny floating spheres. The astronauts on the ISS want to see how slime reacts. 

We’ll know soon enough. The astronauts are taking videos of their slime time to share with kids back on Earth.