Is Bigfoot Real?

For decades, people all over the U.S. have claimed to have seen a huge, hairy monster lurking in the woods. Does this beast actually exist? We asked two experts to weigh in.

I study and teach anatomy. That’s the branch of science that deals with human and animal body structures. I’m convinced that Bigfoot exists based on evidence I’ve seen. 

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  • Over the past 24 years, I’ve examined hundreds of huge, human-like footprints. They’re too big to be human, but they don’t belong to any other known animal. Mysterious, unidentified hair samples and nests have also been found near the footprints.
  • Bigfoot creatures are extremely rare. And they live in dense forests with soil that can quickly dissolve bones. So it’s not that unusual that we haven’t found a body part yet. 
  • There have been thousands of sightings by respected people such as park rangers, teachers, and scientists like me! 

I spent the past two years interviewing Bigfoot eyewitnesses and examining evidence in the wild. And I haven’t seen anything that convinces me the creature is out there.

  • First of all, Bigfoot believers are lacking the most important piece of proof. They have never found a body part for scientists to study! 
  • Existing evidence, such as footprints and mysterious sounds, is interesting. But it's not enough. The sounds and footprints could have been made by bears or other creatures.
  • The last clear video of Bigfoot was taken in 1967. Since then, we've mostly seen shots of blurry, unidentifiable blobs. If Bigfoot was out there, we'd have another good photo or video by now, especially since everybody has a smartphone in their pocket!

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