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Should You Be Rewarded for Attendance?

Going to school every day can be rewarding. Ask students at Featherstone Elementary School in Woodbridge, Virginia. Officials there hold attendance challenges. Kids can win prizes like snacks, a pajama day, or even a pet goldfish!  

Other schools across the country also hand out rewards to help boost attendance. Research shows that students who miss 15 or more days in a school year could be at risk of falling behind. 

“We want to ensure that students are on track to be successful,” says Featherstone principal Christina Treadwell. As a result of the challenges, absences at Featherstone were down last school year. 

But critics argue that getting a good education should be enough of a reward. They say kids shouldn’t expect to win prizes for something they’re supposed to do anyway.

Here’s what two of our readers think.

I try to go to school every day. But I sometimes miss a day or two. That’s why I think schools should offer monthly rewards. That way, if a kid misses days in one month, they’ll be motivated to get the reward the next month.

Kids have to wake up early in the morning to get to class. Students who try hard all year and have perfect attendance deserve a reward. Fun prizes make school more enjoyable and encourage students to show up.

Kids can’t always control when they’re absent. Some kids miss school for special events. My brother is in his school’s robotics club and missed class for a tournament. I don’t think it would be fair for him to be denied an attendance reward because of that. 

Plus, students don’t choose when they get sick. Rewarding attendance might encourage kids to go to school when they don’t feel well. That could spread germs to others.

What does your class think?

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